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It's time to step into a new level of being that already lives within you.

Most women tackle a fitness journey from a place of self-hate. Not being good enough. Not being worthy until they lose the weight.

But the truth is... 


You just forgot.

And when you can tackle your fitness journey from this innate sense of worthiness... Tapped into the power of who you already are deep down, trusting your body, your intuition, your innate GIFTS... 

& THEN combine it with nutrition & training strategies...

You will be unstoppable. Limitless. 

If you desire to be the woman who rocks the bikini as confidently as she speaks up in her career... 

The woman whose outer strength matches her inner fortitude...

The woman who OWNS her power & her body...

It's time to ascend.

Depression was kicking my ass the spring of 2021. Had rebounded after my national bodybuilding show, binge eating peanut butter as the post-extreme-diet ravenous hunger kicked in & my body was stubbornly refusing to lose the extra weight.

Was working from home, running my business, a dream life right?! But I didn't trust myself one bit.

Didn't trust myself around food.
Didn't trust my body's hunger signals.
Didn't trust myself to reach my goals because I'd wake up every morning dreading the day & end up back in bed.

My body was screaming at me in a language I didn't know.

And now years later... as I'm mindfully eating, with the strongest body I've ever had, I've realized its time to share ALL that I know & practice.

Because the truth is... when you step into your power, strength, & magic,  & ease into the flow of feminine energy... not only does the weight fall off, but you start to dream bigger, you start to embody both power & ease with the confidence of knowing that you are already a goddess... and you have the power to create whatever reality you desire.

The Warrior Goddess Transformation Program offers an intimate community of women seeking to become their true authentic selves... both internally & externally. To embody the energy of your desires rather than just thinking it or forcing your workouts. To fully own... your magic & intuitive gifts.

Imagine a life where...

The overall vibe is the confidence of Aphrodite mixed with the boss babe attitude of Devil Wears Prada.

The gym is your training ground & the battlefield is you sticking up for what you want in this life... each rep molding you into the person who speaks up, asks for the raise, makes the sale, sets boundaries, & rules over their queendom.

You ARE the woman who turns heads when you walk in the room. Everyone wonders... how did she do that??

Anxiety & overwhelm are things of the past... because you're so deeply tuned into your energy levels your day flows effortlessly.

You feel a deep sense of trust with your body. You're in tune with its' signals, emotions, & patterns.

You no longer seek approval from external sources because you've got your higher self on speed dial & you've learned to trust her over anyone else.

True self love & confidence doesn't come from a body...

It comes from DEEPLY connecting to yourself your power your magic. It's as much an inside game as an outside game with taking care of your body.

Can't tell you how many "fitness influencers" I've met over the years who have abs & are still deeply insecure & hate their own bodies...

Because we weren't taught how to love ourselves

We weren't taught how to embody the energy of our desires. 

We weren't taught energy management, intuition, or emotional alchemy. 

(And we certainly weren't taught nutrition!)

No... we were taught to hide, play small, people please. Taught that certain foods were GOOD & others were BAD. That certain body shapes were preferable. We were taught to forget that we were goddesses all along.

Well it's time you remembered & learned how to use & cultivate the power that's been within you all along.

So what's the methodology exactly?

The two main pillars:

Somatic Nervous System Regulation

When your nervous system is activated your survival brain + trauma responses turn on...


Our survival brain's ONE goal is to keep us alive... & the easiest way to do that is to have us do the exact same thing we did yesterday

(cause you didn't die yesterday!)

Which leads to self sabotage, emotional eating, numbing out with scrolling, weed, alcohol, avoidance etc.

So in WEEK ONE of the course... you learn a specific somatic nervous system regulation exercise to empower you to GET OUT of anxiety/overwhelm/fear

& alchemize your emotions & choose how you want to feel.

Daily nonstop anxiety begone

Subconscious Rewiring

Our subconscious mind is a crafty illogical bitch 👀

Logically you know you're worthy, you're "good enough," & that you're wildly capable...

But subconsciously there's a Gollem-like voice in your mind saying "it's not possible for YOU!"

If you've experienced trauma of any kind (big T or little t) your resistance to weight loss could also be a protective mechanism.

IE... you might feel safer being in a bigger body because people don't notice you. 

So you'll subconsciously "sabotage yourself" when you lose weight... because your subconscious is trying to keep you SAFE.

Magic & Ritual help us to directly tap into the subconscious mind (since the subconscious mind thinks in symbols & metaphors) to REWIRE these beliefs & patterns FAST.

So get ready to light some sage & dig out the tarot cards here 😉

Want to learn more about this?

Results for women in the Warrior Goddess Transformation Program...

💪🏻 Total body recomposition, leaving an engagement, coming out as LGBTQ, releasing people pleasing, & applying for dream jobs

💪🏻15lbs weight loss & building shoulders & glutes while attaining TWO job promotions over the course of a year + realizing her self worth to leave a relationship that no longer served her future self

💪🏻Releasing binge eating while losing weight through owning her authenticity, growing her business & getting more clients 

💪🏻Losing weight while eating out multiple times a week, date nights, & building a real estate empire

💪🏻Releasing hustle culture & prioritizing themselves with deep rest as a way to accelerate their fitness results & career growth

💪🏻Discovering power animals, spirit guides, building intuition & unleashing their dormant gifts

💪🏻Seeing family members who've passed & communicating with them

💪🏻Getting clear on their life's purpose through past life regression

And the list goes on...

How do you know if this program is for you?

(Well one, if your soul is buzzing as you read this page... that's your intuition... don't ignore her again!)

You know in your bones that you are capable of doing the whole "fitness journey" thing, but it's never STUCK or quite worked out & it all feels like a battle you're always losing... NOT the ease filled fitness lifestyle you'd imagined for yourself.

You desire to throw off the chains of body shame & diet culture & finally love yourself FOR GOOD this time... even as you work to make your outsides match your insides.

Or maybe you have the body & the dream job... but you just can't turn your brain off to ENJOY it & stress runs you ragged.

You take care of everyone & everything in your life, but never have time left for yourself. Filling your own cup is laughable, because it feels like your cup has holes.

You feel like you've never quite belonged anywhere in your life... and have always viewed that with shame instead of the magical gift that it is.

You desire to feel a DEEP level of trust with your body. Like having your mind & body finally becoming bffs instead of worst enemies.

You want to live life in a more aligned way, attuned to your natural energy levels, cycles, & seasons as opposed to grinding it out with discipline even as your body screams for rest.

You're ready to connect back to your feminine energy after endless years of toxic masculine fitness gurus yelling at you to do more & work harder... and find ease & flow with your fitness journey while still tackling major physique goals.

You want to connect to the warrior goddess that already lives within you... and bring her out to CONQUER your world: fitness, career, relationships, & all.

The thought of learning to build your intuition, meet your guides, grow your gifts, & bring magic into your everyday life... has your inner child jumping up & down with joy.

Burnout used to be my bff. Chased achievement after achievement my whole life. Straight As, good college, good job, then an award winning body... there wasn't an end in sight.

Nightmares & anxiety plagued me nonstop. So I'd have to drown myself in alcohol, weed, social media scrolling, or escapist fantasy novels those rare moments I'd allow myself to rest.

Even with the trophy wall of achievements it all felt hollow.

Well... when I want something I figure out how to get it.

But the journey to finding joy, ease, happiness, & fulfillment with body, mind, & soul took me to far off lands of magic, dark goddesses, sacred death rituals, visiting both the higher realms of ascension & the lower worlds to embrace & reintegrate pieces of my shadow I'd horcruxed off long ago.

Learned energy healing techniques & had psychic initiations that I secreted away until my guides shook my life up like a piggy bank until I started sharing this with clients.

Now I've seen them transform from just having simple fitness & weight loss results... to finding their own guides & building their intuitions... taking care of their mental & spiritual bodies along with their physical.

I have refined the craft of transforming women into goddesses: inside & out.

Helping you remember your magic & come home to your body. It's time to come back to your power.

Choose your goddess path...

💪🏻You want to LOOK as strong on the outside as you feel on the inside. 

➡️Combining macro tracking for optimal muscle building & mindful eating for mental health

➡️3-5 Day Gym or Home Training Plans to build shape 

➡️You want to create a SERIOUS external transformation along with your internal transformation... as quickly as you can
💃You want to transform your body or maintain your transformation in a way that still allows you to LIVE a LIFE you love! 

➡️With date nights, meals out, parties & minimal effort. 

➡️Starting with a base of macro tracking to build nutritional awareness & moving into mindful eating for long term ease & maintenance 

➡️2-4 day Gym or Home Training Plans to look & feel your best! 

💃You want to love the body you’re in NOW & aren’t stressed about changing your shape. 

➡️You want to learn how to nourish your body in a way that supports your gifts & your life goals. 

➡️Mindful Eating path

➡️2-4 day gym or home training plans OR co-create an unconventional plan that includes yoga, dance, stretching & body love movement rituals. 

Don't need a nutrition or training plan?

➡️You can also get just the magical mindset portion of this program which still includes weekly ritual group calls

➡️PERFECT for anyone with a history of disordered eating (but set up a call below if you'd like to speak with Emily directly about this)

All paths start with...

Week One:

1:1 Psychic Reiki Energy Clearing Session with your Guides & Angels

7 Day Break Free, Clearing, & Shifting Program:
✨Daily Rituals to help you find & release what's holding you back
✨Daily journal prompts to help you rewire your subconscious mind for success, release old programming, & create new beliefs
✨Guided meditations & EFT tapping to shed old patterns

Week Two:

Meet 1:1 with Emily to create an aligned nutrition & training plan + bust past any sticky limiting beliefs

You'll also receive:
✨grocery list
✨Emily's Cookbook: A Foodie's Guide to Macros
✨Your ultimate goddess nutrition handbook

Week Three:

Begin training, start attending group calls & diving into your magical goddess coursework

The truth is... the tools you learn in this program get clients faster results than THERAPY

Because health is more than physical:
it's also mental & spiritual

What else we'll be doing a deep dive on...

Shamanic Journeying

Intuition Building

Inner Child Healing

Body Love Rituals

Channeling the voice of your body to crush cravings + emotional eating

Empath Protection

Full & New Moon Rituals

Magical Morning & Evening Rituals

Divine Feminine + Goddess Archetypes

Spells & Ritual Magic

The Chakra System

Emotional Capacity Expansion

Current Life Regression

Connecting to the Tarot

Energetic Management

Sigil Magic

Breaking the intergenerational curse of diet culture

Aligning with your Future Self

Magical Manifestation Tools

Voice Activation

And more...

You'll be immersed in a sisterhood of powerful women who seek DEEPER transformations.

Other women who are ready to release people pleasing shackles & dieting just to fit in. 

Women who are powerhouses in their careers, women who want to build businesses & make a difference in the world. 

Women who know that it all starts with taking care of their bodies & learning to trust their intuitions, move past fear, & rise up.

There's a reason we have sisterhood wounds & grew up viewing other women as enemies...

Because when we gather & collaborate... 

We're unstoppable.

What's all included?

Fitness & Nutrition Course with 200+  Question FAQ Glossary attached

$2000 value

12 Week Magical Nervous System Regulation Course (formerly known as Fitness Witch Academy)

$2000 value

2 group calls/week for accountability & group rituals WITH Emily

$9600 value

12 months of Personalized Training Plans (home or gym)

$800 value

12 months of Personalized Nutrition Plans (macros or mindful eating)

$2400 value

Weekly personalized "face to face" feedback & Plan Adjustments (via zoom)

$2400 value

Shamanic Journey Meditations & Recordings

$500 value

Body Love Rituals & Guided Meditations

$500 value

Step by Step Energetic Methodology to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs & Shift Your Beliefs around Food + Diet Culture:

$400 value

Guided Ritual to Help you “get back on the broomstick” after life crises/depression/low motivation

$200 value

ICE Death Ritual for STICKY Limiting Beliefs:

$200 value

A Copy of Emily's Cookbook "A Foodie's Guide to Macros"

$30 value

1:1 Psychic Reiki Energy Clearing Session with your Guides

$200 value

7 Day Break Free, Clearing, & Shifting Program

$200 value

7 Goddess Activation Ceremony

$500 value

Your ultimate goddess nutrition handbook

$50 value

Total value: over $21,000

Why is it a YEAR?

What other women are saying...

"Since working with Emily, my relationship with myself has improved immensely. I’m not focused on weight-loss, but instead I’m focused on getting stronger physically and mentally through the challenges of life. My body image and confidence is through the roof compared to when I first started to work with Emily. Our 1:1 calls are life-altering. We find something each week that is challenging me and work through it through meditation, setting goals, etc. The Coursework that Emily has created is AMAZING. She was so methodical in setting this course up. I have learned so much about myself and my spirituality through the coursework. Overall, this program has been life-changing and worth it!

"To say that Emily's coaching program is life changing is nothing less than absolute truth. I have struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, focusing always on the wrong things, trying to guilt and shame myself into not being more successful. I always thought there was something wrong with me when it seemed like so many other women were able to reach their health and fitness goals without a problem. Working with Emily, I have learned how important our brains are to achieving our goals. The education and activities Emily provides and guides us through have helped me to make connections with the underlying reason why I was binge and emotionally eating. I have learned ways to change that behavior by listening to what my body is trying to tell me and then giving it what it wants in a different way that doesn't involve food. Guided meditations have shown me my goals are achievable and have helped me to visualize myself as a success. Creating rituals around feeling emotions, releasing shame or limiting beliefs, and more mundane things like food prep have all helped me to connect to my higher self and I am able to view the "have to" activities in more meaningful and fun ways. I have already made tons of progress mentally and I cannot wait to see my growth in the next six months!"

"My mindset call with Emily was one of the most empowering conversations I've had in a long time! I knew I needed to get past some gym related resistance & thought I knew the cause, but in our call I realized the true limiting beliefs behind my surface assumptions. Emily walked me through a really powerful embodiment exercise that I have been able to revisit on my own. I really appreciate Emily's sincerity in helping others on a deeper level, & her ability to make her clients feel seen, heard, & safe to open up." 

"During the call, we sat & Emily guided me through an exercise to get into what *I* want... because this is my life & MY body & I don't have that outside expectation to fit into societal beauty standards anymore (cue at least 7 tears on this call) And what I discovered I want... is to just breathe in the peace of knowing I have my whole life to purse endless goals, if I choose them. I am the captain of my ship. I am so POWERFUL. If I decide to pick up powerlifting, I COULD. If I decide to stop counting macros I COULD."

"Ever since I started to work with Emily… I have to say my personal eating/body and just shaming overall has slowly started to disappear. It’s not only because of Emily’s genuine compassion to her clients, but all of the work we put in together. A lot of the modules and resources she provides has helped me greatly. The bad days still come and go, but they are SPARING now. Emily doesn’t shame her clients if something goes wrong, have a bad day of eating, or we are unable to get all of our workouts in. I have experienced shaming from a previous coach and it was hurtful and discouraging. It made me feel unworthy of food and it made me feel bad about my body. Emily continually hypes us up and that has majorly helped me see results." 

"In our 1:1 session Emily & I discussed self sabotage blocks, needing a break from the noise, getting back to morning & evening rituals that will help me get more invigorated to start my day more productively. I'm glad to be moving away from shame for binge eating & towards giving my body & mind the break it's truly seeking. Thank you!"

Are you ready? 

It's time to go all in on the woman you're becoming...


👉🏻I can lose weight but it ALWAYS comes back.
Then we need to look into beliefs, cords, & attachments keeping you stuck in this yo-yoing pattern. We will also take a look at your bloodwork & how your body responds to protocols from the science angle, but repetitive yo-yoing indicates subconscious programming that needs to be re-wired.

👉🏻Do I need to be training for a competition?
Nope! Emily trains for competitions because that's what she loves to do. But her clients make fitness part of their lifestyle in whatever way they can. 

👉🏻Can I talk to you before I start to see if I'm a good fit?
Absolutely, schedule a call below.

👉🏻When does this begin?
Anyone who signs up before June 15th will start after that date, but then admissions will be rolling. This gives Emily the time to make all the magical program adjustments behind the scenes.

👉🏻What if I want 1:1 work with Emily?
2/4 spots left for VIP coaching

Set up a call with her below! The VIP investment is an additional 6k in full/year for weekly 1:1 calls or $550/month with payment plans.

Ideal for anyone who wants direct mentorship in the areas of spirituality, business, social media, & health.

👉🏻What content will help me be a FUCK YES for this transformation?

✨Episode 69 (Client Interview): 
✨Episode 68 (Client Interview): 
✨Episode 52 (Client Interview): 
✨Episode 37: Transformation Magic

Need to chat first?

Schedule a call with Emily here...

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