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Reagan's Testimonial:
👉🏻 Total Body Composition Change
👉🏻Left her engagement & came out as LGBTQ
👉🏻 Releasing people pleasing in relationships
👉🏻 Mindful eating after a history with binge eating disorder
👉🏻 Released emotional eating
👉🏻Enjoys nights out guilt free
👉🏻Changing her professional goals through energetic work & mindset rituals
Fitness coaching used to feel hollow.

Because weight loss IS a surface level transformation. 

And don’t give me that bullshit about increased confidence because if that increased confidence is ENTIRELY dependent on your pants size… that’s some shaky ass confidence. 

And yet last night as we closed off our group coaching call… warmth unfurled in my chest like a lotus blooming. Fulfillment blossoming. 

Because my clients are connecting things like their money mindset, their business goals, & their career paths… TO their fitness journeys. 

A VIP client (Reagan!) is realizing her true passion lies with national security & using her language skills over her current job. 

Through our exercises recognized that when she’s bored in her career… her motivation for fitness is low, but now that she might have some fitness tests to take that motivation is skyrocketing. 

Another is recognizing how tracking her expenses will help her to feel safer with money… and that if she feels safer with money her fitness journey will go smoother as a result when she’s less anxious throughout the day. 

Because the truth is… 
Everything in your life is connected. 

And now that my clients are starting to realize it too… 

We’re able to deeply root their desires FOR their fitness journey INTO their bigger life goals. Specifically around their careers, businesses, & wealth. 

This is more than fitness coaching. 

Have been saying that for months, but now we’re getting even more tangible here. Seeing my clients expand in their careers as they lose weight & get stronger in the gym… they’re becoming leaders. They’re stepping into their power. 

Fitness Coaching used to feel hollow. 

But connecting fitness to their careers. Rewiring their brains to motivate themselves for fitness in deeper ways. Helping them to find that INTRINSIC motivation for fitness over the societal pressure to be a certain size… 

Filled that hollowness right up.

Press my hands into my chest in gratitude. Let myself feel this micro moment as deeply as possible. 

I am so fucking thankful I had the courage to expand, to grow, & to be the absolute best coach I can be. Because I used to believe I had to hold all of this deep mindset & subconscious rewiring stuff back. That my fitness clients didn’t care. That it was “beyond what they signed up for.” 

But when you join this team… you’re growing with me. 

You’re along for the ride. Every new skillset I learn, we apply it to your fitness journey. 

And your girl has a limitless growth mindset. Each & every day I’m dedicated to improving, growing, transforming. 

So yeah… my coaching isn’t for women who just want to lose weight. 

It’s for women who want to use their fitness journey as a tool to expand in their business, their career, & their mindset. 

You can never know the impact you might make…
Until you go all in on yourself. 
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