Goddess of Life(style)
Amy's Testimonial:
👉🏻 15lbs down despite insane life stress
👉🏻Shape/muscle added everywhere
👉🏻 No longer scared of certain foods
👉🏻 Is able to pause, reflect, & stop if emotional eating occurs rather than letting it turn into a binge
👉🏻 Shifted her professional goals through energy healing & magical mindset practices
👉🏻Enjoys nights out guilt free
👉🏻Navigates work trips & vacations with ease
💪🏻 Went from hip thrusting 70lbs to 330lbs
💪🏻 RDLs went from 40lb dumbbells to 90lbs
💪🏻Leg curls went from 50lbs to 120lbs
Amy's first check in with me she described as the "most stressful week of her life."

Someone had almost DIED in her life that week. 

Most people see stressful events & decide it means that its just “not a good time” for them to be on a fitness journey.

Well let me say here: it has NOT been an easy year for her.

And yet… Amy stood out to me because she continued to check in week after week. She asked me questions. She committed to navigating work trips & vacations WITH her fitness journey… 

We have navigated breakups, illnesses, dance competition season with traveling every weekend… and some pretty WILD STUFF. 

And she got results. 

15 pounds down despite the roller coaster she’s been on. 

Booty, biceps, & shoulder shape grown. 

Emotional eating is virtually nonexistent–and if a bit happens she’s able to pause, reflect, & redirect her emotions. 

She can hip thrust over 300lbs–this girl is STRONG!

And she’s making some pretty amazing life changes for herself right now. 

(Oh & she also enjoys going to concerts with adult beverages quite often.)

See, Amy is a client that does everything I ask of her… while still navigating life insanity. She doesn’t give up. 

Amy is proof that you can still make radical progress on a fitness journey… despite travel, despite illness, despite insane amounts of life stress. 

See the thing is… 

Amy believed in me. She trusted me. 

And she saw that I believed in her. 

So she trusted & took action. 

That’s not enough for some people. But then again… not everyone is ready for a fitness coach. 

As a coach you have to show people how to navigate the roller coaster of life… with fitness. But not everyone wants to. 

Sometimes all you can do is continue to show the way… and wait for them to want it themselves. 

But Amy clients are proof that it’s possible–and you can’t help but be inspired by them. 

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