Rachel's Warrior Goddess Testimonial
👉🏻 15lbs down (weight loss was not the goal though!)
👉🏻Shape/muscle added to her glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, & biceps
👉🏻 2 promotions at her job
👉🏻 Went from any untracked meal turning into a binge to having mindful eating days & vacations
👉🏻Hip thrusts over 300lbs
👉🏻Can now do pull-ups
👉🏻Healed her relationship with food
👉🏻Love herself & her body now more than ever
👉🏻 Regulates her emotions without self sabotage
Rachel went all in when she signed up for fitness coaching.

She was a mom, a go-getter, the breadwinner of her family. 

Right away she stood out because of how many questions she asked. This girl wanted to know WHY. She wanted to understand nutrition, understand why we were doing less cardio, why we were eating more food. 

Gave her the course & she devoured it all. 

Implementing every tool, journal prompt, & exercise.
 Sending form videos of her in the gym & diligently checking in no matter how her week went. 

And she absolutely flourished. 

Within one month she was eating 400 more calories per day & she’d dropped 5lbs. She’d been starving her body on low calories for so long that her metabolism was finally speeding back up as she ate more food. 

She got stronger in the gym week after week & her confidence soared.

She even got a major promotion at work!

See, Rachel was the client who did everything asked of her. And when she started to need mindset support, she used the journal prompts, breathwork, & self reflection questions week after week. 

She shared her wins with both directly & publicly tagging on Instagram. 

Rachel helped me become a better coach… because she showed me the true value my program, my coaching offers when someone takes action & asks for even more. 

A year later Rachel has been on 4 trips to Disney, one trip to Hawaii, lost 15lbs, & built a booty, visible biceps, & a mean set shoulders. She’s gotten two promotions at work & she hasn’t binged in months. She regularly enjoys 1-3 meals out every single week & bakes cookies & takes her daughter on spontaneous fro-yo dates.

But really…

I’m grateful for her. 

Because its my mission to lift women up. To empower them to see their own worth–irrespective of the scale or what their “lower belly” looks like. And with Rachel… the results are so clear. My program does just that. 

Rachel is now the type of person who listens to her higher self, her intuition. She knows that the scale is BS, that a vacation to Disney eating all the yummy treats won’t “ruin” anything, & she’s able to share meals & food with her daughter again. 

Rachel... is a Warrior Goddess

But more than anything she’s setting an example that her happiness is worth more than staying out of fear or societal “shoulds.” 

Her happiness is worth more than chasing skinny. 

Rachel was forged through the iron of a gym… 

She IS strong both inside & out.

And now I get to watch her & help guide her through this new chapter of her life. 

This is more than just fitness coaching on my team. This is an entire lifestyle transformation. 

And I am so honored to do this work.

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