In this workshop you will...

✨Learn what unshaming is & how it can help you to reach your fitness goals faster
✨Discover how shame shows up on our fitness journey & keeps us stuck in self sabotage patterns 
✨Shift your perspective on viewing your body as an enemy, something to control, to your partner on this journey that has deep intelligence to share with you
✨Learn how cravings can often indicate deeper unmet psychological needs
✨Get a taste of how to speak with others about emotional eating without creating shame
✨Experience unshaming your emotional eating or self sabotage in real time 
✨Create new solutions for the sabotage patterns that work with the deeper needs & intelligence of your body

In short...

You'll walk away with more trust in your body & a deeper understanding of what you need to do to reach your fitness goals.

Without shame.

Emily Flood

After coaching hundreds of women on weight loss... Emily discovered that the common theme holding most women back from reaching their goals... was not just mindset, but shame. Thought and feelings of I'm not good enough, I always fuck up, I don't matter, I always rebound, I'll never be able to get below X scale number, I'm too anxious/emotional/etc. 
She has declared that her life's work will be taking shame OUT of the fitness industry & has been privileged to learn from many life coaches & therapists to learn how to apply unshaming to the fitness model: where women grow up believing that something is inherently wrong with their bodies. Through this process you might learn you don't need or want the fitness journey at all--or you may come out from releasing shame with a newfound power to crush your goals!
You're not broken. 
You're not a fuck up. 
There's nothing wrong with you. 

And she can't wait to help you see it for yourself too. 
Unshame Emotional Eating

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Full transparency:

At the end of this workshop Emily will extend an invitation to join her 6 week beta program on unshaming fitness. If you enjoy this free workshop, you can continue this work on a deeper level in a program meant for fitness coaches, athletes, & lifestyle fitness journeyers alike.

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