Your body & your subconscious mind already have all the answers for your health...

Tarot can help you interpret...

Fitness Tarot: Major Arcana is a 42 page e-book that will teach you how to read & interpret the Major Arcana for your health & fitness journey

About the Author:

The truth is, even as a national level bikini competitor… it wasn’t until I started to integrate witchcraft, tarot, & spirituality that I started to feel like the woman in the mirror actually matched who I feel like I am on the inside.

Was on a yo-yo cycle of gaining 30lbs with binge eating & then losing them for my competitions while tracking every single gram of food.

I even had a nutrition certification, a certification in training advanced physique level athletes, & was already a fitness & nutrition coach... yet that didn't help me with my own self sabotage.

Well introverted empaths like you & me, we need a different sort of “fitness journey” because we’ve been taught to gaslight our intuitive gifts & ignore our bodies… 

Our bodies & our intuitions are exactly what we need to tap back into for our health--none of this toxic bro fitness coaching here of "ignoring your body" & "no pain, no gain." 

Tarot is exactly the tool that helped me to start trusting my body again, pulling a card a day... and in August of 2022 I created my Fitness Witchcraft program, integrating magic & rituals based in depth psychology, tarot, deity work, & more... with all the science of fitness & nutrition & my experiences with coaching hundreds of women on weight loss. 

Fitness Witchcraft was born 🔮💪🏻🍦 

Since then I've been reading tarot specifically for health & fitness goals... & now you can too with Fitness Tarot.

One day this will be a full book with all 78 card descriptions on a local bookshelf near you, but here's the first step. Enjoy. 💞

What's all included?

Everything you need to read & interpret the tarot's Major Arcana for health & fitness...

For just $10

➡️An introduction going over the logic & science of using tarot for your health & fitness journey

➡️Instructions for reading tarot for fitness

➡️In depth, detailed descriptions of how to interpret each major arcana specifically for every element of health: physical, mental, & spiritual

➡️Journal prompt questions on every entry

➡️Suggestions & resources for further guidance
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